How To Style Your Initial Necklaces

Initial necklaces are some of the most elegant and beautiful pieces of jewelry you can own. Whether it is carved out or engraved, they are perfect for everyday wear. Most of all, they often carry a special meaning that holds dear to many of us. It’s most likely become a topic of conversation with those who stumble across its lettering.

            However, from time to time, you might feel the sudden urge to spruce up your initial necklace in different ways. Alternatively, you might wonder how else you could accessorize your necklace for other occasions. The good news is the initial necklace is basic enough to style in various ways - we’ve got you covered. Here are some different styling options you can try out so that your initial necklace never goes out of style.

The Power of Layering

            Necklace layering has become a new trend. Layering adds more dimension and flare not only to your jewelry ensemble but to your entire outfit as well. The great thing about initial necklaces is that they’re basic and simple enough that you can layer them with other necklace pieces. From pendant necklaces to chokers, the choice is yours depending on your personal style.

            But there are some layering mistakes you want to avoid. You do not want all your necklace pieces to look clumped together and tangled. As such, here are a few things to consider when layering your jewelry.

            Length - For layered necklaces to appear seamless and structured, you want your necklaces to vary in length. Determine where your initial necklace falls on your body. Then stack other necklaces accordingly. For example, if your initial necklace is medium length, pair it with a choker and a necklace that is longer than your initial necklace. It adds a gradual variance to the stack of pieces.

            Thickness- Combining different thick necklaces will make your layered pieces pop and stun. If you can pair a thick chain around your neck alongside a thin initial necklace piece, it will look amazing. This will make each piece stand out on its own while still harmoniously blending.

            Do what works for you. There are so many ways to layer your necklace pieces that it ultimately comes down to the look you are going for. When you’ve mastered the power of layering, you can mix and match your initial necklace with so many other pieces for various occasions.

Adding Other Charms

            Another fun idea to consider when styling your initial necklace is by adding other charms to the necklace itself. You can add other pendants or beads to the chain to add another element to the piece. Mix and match colors, charms, pendants; you name it - experiment at your desire. You can let your added charms run loose on the chain, or you can use a jump ring to attach the pieces securely onto the chain as well.  Of course, if you are looking for something more permanent, then attach the charm directly onto the chain. However, if you are looking to change up the look every day, go for the loose charm option.

            Better yet, you can find many charms for a low price. Many different retailers and shops carry a variety of charms you can add to your initial necklace.

Coordinating Necklace with Other Jewelry Pieces

            Oftentimes we don’t think about how to coordinate all the pieces of jewelry on our body. We’re not referring to just necklaces. We’re talking about coordinating your necklaces, earrings, rings, and body jewelry altogether. For your initial necklace, you can find other rings and jewelry pieces that have the same engraving. This would make it an entire ensemble piece. Better yet, you can match charms and pendants with your initial necklace as well. Many people will often have a specific pendant such as emerald or diamond coordinated among their necklace, ring, or bracelets. This will surely catch everyone’s attention when all your jewelry pieces somehow match.

Styling it With an Outfit

            While you may wear your initial necklace every day, it can still be the star piece in any outfit. Whether your initial necklace is gold or silver, if you wear it on top of plain colored clothing, it can be a centerpiece in an outfit. Gold initial necklaces look incredibly striking on a simple black cocktail dress or turtleneck. Alternatively, you can wear a patterned outfit with various colors to contrast the simple initial necklace you have. Once again, how you style your initial necklace is dependent on your style and occasion.

            Many of us are so accustomed to wearing our initial necklaces every day that we forget we can style them in an endless number of ways. Whether it is styling it according to our outfit or with other jewelry pieces, you can never get bored of experimenting with your initial necklace.